BestFire Indoor / Outdoor Thermometer and Hygrometer Review

This review appears in its original form here, and is for this product listing.

Five Stars

Really clear readout, so many useful functions.

This item arrived inside a solid protective brown cardboard box. There was a nice touch on the back of the box with a “thanks for purchasing” type message. Inside the box was a retail style blister pack containing the item. Unfortunately the blister pack had been badly folded trying to crush it into the box that was too small for it, but at least the item itself wasn’t damaged.

Inside the blister pack, along with the item, were some glossy instructions printed on the packaging, and a peel off label showing what should be displayed on the very large and clear screen. Insert two AAA batteries in the easily opened back, and the device springs to life. Put the probe on the end of the long cable out of a window, and you get a display of external temperature, internal temperature, internal humidity (with a little smily face telling you whether it’s humid or dry), and a clock.
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BestFire USB Humidifier Review

This review appears in its original form here, and is for this product listing.

Five Stars

Really nice new take on the humidifier / diffuser scene!

This item arrived in a tall, solid, attactive, glossy protective retail style box, with the item, instruction manual and power lead inside. The humidifier has an extremely interesting design, which really comes to life when powered on.

I’ve seen lots of diffusers and humidifiers over the past few months, and this one is definitely unique. It’s powered through micro-usb, so you can have it on your desk powered from a computer, and you can use any old lead you have knocking about, if the provided one isn’t right, or you want to leave that plugged in somewhere.
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A couple of months ago, Mrs Zoo Keeper suggested I attempt to grow a beard.  I’m 42 years old at the time of writing, and have never managed much beyond a straggly goatee.  I’ve always experienced patchiness and itchiness, to such a point where the razor has had to come back out.  This time, we agreed that I should stick it out.  We researched beards, beard products and accessories (seriously, they’re out there), the growing of beards and how to help the itch.  I then set out on the mission to become a manlier man, and apparently beards are also fashionable right now.  I have always been an admirer of the beards of others, so this opportunity to join the bearded brethren was not to be missed. Continue reading “Beards”

Enhance your Active Directory PowerShell

I really like the PowerShell for Active Directory, that you find in Windows Server 2008 and above.  I cut my teeth on PowerShell with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, and love the ability to script almost everything – even if the script is just a bunch of repeated commands against a list in Excel, that’s copied and pasted. Continue reading “Enhance your Active Directory PowerShell”

A reason to blog!

Last year, using Google Plus, I saw quite a few profile pictures were drawings, done in a particular style, that I now know to be “Sugar Skull”.  I loved the style, and thought they were very cool and unique – I wondered if there was a program out there people were using or something, like the one where you create your own South Park character lookalike.  How wrong I was…

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