Free parking *may* help to keep our town centre alive

This past weekend, I submitted my first letter to the editor of our local newspaper, “The Rotherham Advertiser“. I’m not sure if it will be published, but the text is:

Give us free parking, and we will come.

Reading the [email protected] pages over the last few weeks, I’ve been seeing more and more references to Tesco’s parking fiasco and the death of the town centre. Each time I’ve frustratedly yelled “But the issue is that the council aren’t providing free parking!”. After another rant this week, I turned the page to see Graves finally headline the requirement. Continue reading “Free parking *may* help to keep our town centre alive”

VicTop Jump Starter / Power Bank Review

This review appears in its original form here, and is for this product listing.

Five Stars

I absolutely *LOVE* this bit of kit – awesome tool to keep with your vehicle.

Inside the Amazon box, this item was sealed inside a protective polythene bag. That’s all it needed because the strong, solid carry case will protect any of the contents from damage. The case has hard sides, an attractively coloured zip to open, and a carrying handle.

When I opened the case, I found out how much more than just jump starting cars this little bit of kit can do. There’s a UK wall charger to power up the unit itself, and a car cigarette lighter type charger if you prefer to do it on the move. There’s a lead for the variable voltage output, with lots of adapters, meaning it can be used almost as a universal transformer when on the move. You can select 12v, 16v or 19v, so it’s great for various laptop models. The only other thing I could wish for is a 13A plug socket!!
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Bestfire Car Humidifier Review

This review appears in its original form here, and is for this product listing.

Five Stars

Surprisingly powerful little humidifier, beats any other car freshener on the market!

This item arrived in a plastic resealable packet, clear at the front, white at the back, inside a solid protective plain brown cardboard box. Inside the packet were the humidifier itself, a spare filter / wick, and a nice, simple instruction leaflet.

Operation is simple – twist the bulb around in the cradle and unscrew the clear plastic bottle. Fill that with water (and a touch of scented oil if you wish), screw it back on, position the bulb in the cradle for the best place in your car, and plug into the socket. The bulb is quite flexible, so it should be easy to have the nozzle pointing upwards, whatever the angle of your car power socket.
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Breathalyser Review

This review appears in its original form here, and is for this product listing.

Five Stars

If there’s a possibility of you driving after drinking, grab one of these!

This item arrived in a plain white protective cardboard box. Inside were the breathalyser unit itself, a sensible instruction manual, and five mouthpieces, one already attached. The included mouthpieces are great, so that you can share the unit around hygienically.

I never drive after drinking anything, but I know that some people do, when they believe they are “under the limit”, and there could be circumstances after you’ve had a drink, in an emergency, where you might wonder if you’re fit enough to drive. This unit is for those times.
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Pensioners and driving

I’m no spring chicken anymore, at 43, and I’ve always loved driving. I’m really worried that the minute I hit 65 I’m going to have to rip up my driving license and throw it away.

I say this because of recent incidents I’ve experienced whilst both in cars and / or on the same roads as pensioners. The things they’ve done lead me to believe all pensioners should be chauffeured!
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