BBC News – Twitter Aggregator?

No BBC Twitter Aggregator

When did the BBC News website turn from genuine journalism to becoming a basic Twitter Aggregator? I’ve relied on the BBC News platform for well over a decade to bring me the latest news, in an unbiased fashion, with deep investigations, opinions, and real-life genuine journalism. I remember having the BBC news ticker when it… Continue reading BBC News – Twitter Aggregator?

A reason to blog!

Last year, using Google Plus, I saw quite a few profile pictures were drawings, done in a particular style, that I now know to be “Sugar Skull”.  I loved the style, and thought they were very cool and unique – I wondered if there was a program out there people were using or something, like… Continue reading A reason to blog!

My social networking world

The past couple of weeks have seen my free time dwindle somewhat.  More to do, longer working hours, bugs, deadlines, pressures, darker nights – all fighting for my available free minutes, and causing the eyelid clamps to work harder to keep me awake. I felt some small changes were required, and the miscellaneous periphery took… Continue reading My social networking world