Dell XPS 13 9350 Review

A noisy machine that will mutate into an expensive paperweight

One Star

I’m very sad to report that my Dell XPS 13 9350, with core-i7 CPU, 16GB of RAM and 512GB SSD has had to be returned to the manufacturer (at their insistence, I’d rather have had it fixed under the warranty I bought with it). Most of this review was written in the first few days, when the problems I saw I’d put down to other issues such as my external display lead or Windows. After the motherboard was replaced though, it lasted less than 24 hours, before Dell support insisted there was nothing they could do other than collect the machine and issue a refund. Note that I am an IT consultant with well over 20 years in the field – this is a review from a seasoned professional, who understands that computers don’t always work first time!
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Plunc – Recycle your old iPad

Mrs Zoo Keeper has not used her iPad mini (1st gen, 16GB, white) for a number of months now, so she decided to start the process of offloading it. Apple products tend to hold their value well, so selling it seemed to be a good idea.

Having had not too great an experience with fleaBay recently, when selling an old Apple iPhone 5S, we considered some of the various recycling sites. After trying a few companies, and getting pretty poor prices compared to the auction sites, we came across They were offering £15 more than their closest rival, and not too far off the expected selling price on fleaBay. They had some great TrustPilot reviews, so we thought we’d give them a shot. Continue reading “Plunc – Recycle your old iPad”

Muzzle all dogs or keep children under control?

We experienced a quite horrid incident yesterday, in Skegness on a day-trip, and it left us with quite a bitter taste in our mouths.

Whilst standing on a wide walkway, with Coco the dog sat next to me on her double lead, connected to her harness, a small child came straight up to her, put one hand under her snout and one hand at the side and started staring into her eyes. Even though Coco did not react, I pulled her lead backwards, put my hand between her and the child, and said to the child quite firmly: “No! You don’t go straight up to a dog and put your hands in its face, you could get bitten”. At this point, the “mother” came scuttling backwards, having walked on long before, having no idea where her child was or what it was doing, took the child away and started mouthing about us needing to keep control of our dog!
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I’ve been libelled by Amazon… :(


I’ve been a loyal customer of Amazon for at least 11 years (the earliest email I can find is from 2004, and that was for a return), and I’ve been writing numerous and regular reviews for products sold on over the past six months or so, as you may have seen on this website.

I’ve been posting reviews for items I’ve purchased, items I’ve been given a discount code for, and items that I’ve been provided free of charge, for the purpose of review (similar to the Amazon Vine program).
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VicTop 3.5mm FM Transmitter Review

This review appears in its original form here, and is for this product listing.

Five Stars

Neat little design, still good if you use a case!

This item arrived in a nicely designed, solid cardboard, printed protective box. The box opened nicely to show a well laid out interior, with the transmitter protected in a plastic packet, with plastic sheets protecting the glossy front and back of the unit. Inside the box were the unit itself, a micro-USB cable, and a car cigarette lighter USB power adapter, along with a basic instruction manual.

I think it’s a nice touch that the power plug has a standard USB socket, so you can use it to either power your phone, or power the device. The device has a battery, and there is a battery level indicator in the display, so you can use it without it being constantly plugged in.
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Coolden iPhone 6 / iPhone 6s Kickstand Case Review

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Five Stars

Really nice case, with a cool kickstand feature.

Inside the Amazon box, this item was packaged in a clear-fronted, retail style resealable plastic packet. Despite the very reflective and metallic appearance, this case feels very rubberised and soft. The gaps between the “metal” weaves are clear silicone style plastic, and sort of give away the nature of the material.

The rubber is very soft and pliable, so it slips nicely onto your phone and holds really well. All the ports are there, with cutouts and button covers all in the right place, nothing is difficult to get to, even the mute button.
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MAOZUA Mini USB Humidifier Review

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Five Stars

Whisper silent yet really effective!

This item arrived in a strong, protective, brown cardboard box. Inside the box were the humidifier unit itself, a spare wick, an instruction manual, a flat USB cable, and a cup matching the humidifier unit.

The humidifier is sort of water lily shaped, and it can sit in any container with water in, such as a cup or vase, as long as the top isn’t submerged. The wick draws in water through the side of the “stalk”, and the tiny piezo pulsing unit at the top sends out the moisture in cool misty clouds.
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KoolZone Car Windshield and Side Window Shades Review

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Five Stars

Really great Windscreen shield, interesting side shades!

This is really two separate items, the windscreen sun shield, and the side window shades. All the items came in a single, large, zip sealable plastic bag, with the side shades in their own smaller version of the bag, inside the larger one. The windscreen shield was in its own handy pouch, inside a protective plastic packet, inside the main zipping bag.

When you pull the windscreen shield out of its pouch, and let the hoops pop back into their normal shape, it’s BIG. You can see why it’s universal, because it’s both huge, and when you overlap the hoops, it can be small to fit smaller windscreens. It’s a shame there’s no basic instruction reminders on how to reset the hoops to their smaller sizes, but I’ve had similar beach mats and tents, so have the hang of just twisting them like a screw to shrink them down again.
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BestFire Portable LED Camping Light Review

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Five Stars

Brilliant and versatile little camping light!

This item arrived in a glossy, retail style box, inside a strong, protective, brown cardboard box. Inside the box(es) was the unit itself, it would have been nice to see some included batteries, but for the price you can’t really argue!

The surprisingly small lamp twists in the middle, to open and show you the battery compartment, which takes 3 x AAA batteries. Put in the batteries, close up the unit, and you’re away.
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BestFire Portable Handheld Fan Review

This review appears in its original form here, and is for this product listing.

Five Stars

Amazingly powerful miniature fan, with multiple uses!

This item arrived in a glossy, retail printed box, inside a solid brown protective cardboard box. Inside the box(es) were the unit itself, a clip to act as a desk stand, a USB charging cable, and a really large rechargeable battery. It’s a shame the battery isn’t a standard size, so you can use normal batteries if this one dies outside charge range, but as it’s 2200mAh, it’ll last over 2 hours even at full power, and I don’t think you’ll use it at full power most of the time!

Put the battery inside the easily accessible recess, clip the lid back on and you’re away. The power of the fan is controlled by a small variable switch, so as you turn it, it powers on, then the power gets stronger the more you turn. It goes from a gentle breeze, to something akin to an aeroplane engine!
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