BestFire Portable Handheld Fan Review

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Five Stars

Amazingly powerful miniature fan, with multiple uses!

This item arrived in a glossy, retail printed box, inside a solid brown protective cardboard box. Inside the box(es) were the unit itself, a clip to act as a desk stand, a USB charging cable, and a really large rechargeable battery. It’s a shame the battery isn’t a standard size, so you can use normal batteries if this one dies outside charge range, but as it’s 2200mAh, it’ll last over 2 hours even at full power, and I don’t think you’ll use it at full power most of the time!

Put the battery inside the easily accessible recess, clip the lid back on and you’re away. The power of the fan is controlled by a small variable switch, so as you turn it, it powers on, then the power gets stronger the more you turn. It goes from a gentle breeze, to something akin to an aeroplane engine!
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