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KoolZone Car Windshield and Side Window Shades Review

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Five Stars

Really great Windscreen shield, interesting side shades!

This is really two separate items, the windscreen sun shield, and the side window shades. All the items came in a single, large, zip sealable plastic bag, with the side shades in their own smaller version of the bag, inside the larger one. The windscreen shield was in its own handy pouch, inside a protective plastic packet, inside the main zipping bag.

When you pull the windscreen shield out of its pouch, and let the hoops pop back into their normal shape, it’s BIG. You can see why it’s universal, because it’s both huge, and when you overlap the hoops, it can be small to fit smaller windscreens. It’s a shame there’s no basic instruction reminders on how to reset the hoops to their smaller sizes, but I’ve had similar beach mats and tents, so have the hang of just twisting them like a screw to shrink them down again.