SourcingBay Android / Kodi TV Stick Review

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Three Stars

Very versatile device, but there are a few niggles.

This item arrived packaged in a very attractive retail printed cardboard box, very similar to high end smartphones – it definitely reeked of quality. Inside the box were the unit itself, a remote control unit, an antenna, a USB power lead, a short HDMI extender, an infra-red receiver and a sticker to stick the receiver in a suitable location. The supplied instructions are VERY basic, and don’t even tell you which option you should pick when powering the device on. You really need to understand both Android and Kodi to use this device, the instructions just aren’t enough.

The first thing I noticed about the item was that it is quite large compared to an Amazon Fire TV stick – I have two of those and use them with Kodi, so I always use it as a basis for comparison with other TV devices. The unit also has a cap on the end covering the HDMI plug. That’s nice to have, but considering it’s going to be plugged into a TV most of the time, and it’s not attached by a string or something, I suspect it will be quickly lost.
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