On t’internet is a phrase often heard around South Yorkshire.  It can broadly be translated to “on the internet”.  For example : “Tha can get them reight cheap on t’internet“.

The domain ontinternet.com was originally registered by a friend of mine, but he didn’t want to keep it after the first expiry so I took it over, did nothing with it, and let it lie fallow for a number of years.  I had plans of subdomains and email addresses – I was sure lots of people would want an email address “on t’internet”, or want their webpage to be available “on t’internet”.  I then figured procrastination was more enjoyable so took the dog for a walk instead.  🙂

In early October 2012, after playing around with wordpress on Modern Housewife, I decided to give my own site / blog a go.  I figured I’d be the leader and be the first to have my site “on t’internet”.

That brings us here, to this site, today.  Hopefully the whole site tells the rest of the story!

The Zoo Keeper

P.S.  I may one day think of an explanation for my handle of “The Zoo Keeper”.  If I do, I’ll blog it here!

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