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Then let us begin.

First of all, I’d like to welcome you on t’internet, and say thank you for coming to the site.  If you’re reading this post, you’re likely an early visitor, someone who knows me (including but not restricted to a spouse), or you’ve clicked on a really old link!  Hey, maybe the site is widely known and you’ve clicked through the archive to find out how this awesome place got started.  However you got here, hello, welcome and thank you!

Today is Friday.  It’s the 12th of October 2012, and it’s just after noon (at least it was when I started typing this paragraph).  I’ve been watching installations of Microsoft Exchange 2010 for a couple of hours now, and I’ve made the decision to take this site live whilst I watch little blue bars expand across my screens as rollup packages slowly perform their magic.

All initial testing is done, all sample and test posts and pages have been deleted, the site is a now a raw playground for the expression of my creativity (for anyone who does actually know me, yes, that’s supposed to make you laugh…).

My aims for this site are twofold.  Initially, I want somewhere separate from the current social media channels where I can write my opinions, jot down notes and reminders, give myself a presence on the internet, and post pictures of sunsets and Coco the (currently) 2 year old Chocolate Labrador.  The second is to store an archive of my thoughts – somewhere I can look back and examine my state of mind from various points in history.

Hopefully the site will be seen by a few people with similar or differing opinions to my own, and there can be some discourse in the comments.  I’m hoping to increase my (currently very poor) web coding skills using this as a base, and feedback from others is the only way to drive to improve.  As is probably clear, the site is built on a self hosted version of WordPress, and I’m currently using a child version of a default theme (twenty twelve for those who care).  I’m extremely impressed by WordPress – I’m loving the plugins and widgets and simple ways of building and personalising a professional looking website with very little skill or experience.

Anyway, to whoever you are, thanks for reading the drivel, please read a few more posts (if there are any), and let me hear your opinions by replying to posts.  Perhaps you’ll see a gradual improvement in the quality and functionality of the site.  Please tell me what’s good and what’s bad, any hints or suggestions – all criticism greatly appreciated.

If you’d like to contact me directly for any reason, just go to the contact page!

The Zoo Keeper

By TheZooKeeper

An Azure Cloud Architect with a background in messaging and infrastructure (Wintel). Bearded dog parent who likes chocolate, doughnuts and Frank's RedHot sauce, but has not yet attempted to try all three in combination!

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