I’ve had a Google Adsense account for a number of years now.  I’ve published their adverts on some of my other websites, and so far I’ve made a grand total of £14.01 – not even enough to trigger a payment to me.

I’ve tried to make the adverts unobtrusive, and maybe that’s why there’s been no real monetisation of the sites.  It could also be something to do with the lack of traffic, or interesting content!

With this new site / blog, I thought I’d just try out a couple of plugins for Adsense, to see if I can get a couple of advert blocks on each page, without them intruding too much into the flow.

I’ve been playing around with locations, types and numbers of ad boxes for the past couple of days, and I think I’ve managed to find a nice balance, that’s not too hard on the eye.

I’m not a big fan of adverts myself, but if there’s a chance that displaying them can pay my hosting costs, and potentially lead a reader to a product or service they’ve been looking for, then I’m prepared to give them a shot.

I’ve also added a Google custom web search box to the side bar.  Theoretically searches made in this box can provide a return for me, and hey, people want to search the web, so it’s win-win.

Please let me know if you’ve any comments about the adverts, or any suggestions about placement and type.  I’ve not set any restrictions on the type of advert displayed, but if I start seeing anything that I don’t feel is in keeping with the site, or if I’m notified by a reader that an advert they saw on the site was inappropriate (please send me a screenshot if you see something!), then I’ll start locking things down!

For now, have a click around, see if you see a product or service you want – it’ll help me with the choice of website or pet food come payday!  🙂

The Zoo Keeper

By TheZooKeeper

An Azure Cloud Architect with a background in messaging and infrastructure (Wintel). Bearded dog parent who likes chocolate, doughnuts and Frank's RedHot sauce, but has not yet attempted to try all three in combination!

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