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Sheffield Wednesday 1896 picture – help request!

Mrs Zoo Keeper was working through some old family photographs last night, and came across what seems to be a very old one, backed on what appears to be hardboard. There are actually two pictures mounted on the board, on one side a seated lady with a stood gentleman, on the other a team picture from the Sheffield Wednesday 1896 English Cup win at Crystal Palace on 18th April 1896.

Above the Sheffield Wednesday picture, there is some pencil writing on the hardboard, which we’re struggling to decipher.

We have no idea who the people on the back may be!

The pictures are shown below:

Sheffield Wednesday 1896 English Cup Winners
Sheffield Wednesday 1896 English Cup Winners – Team picture
Lady and Gentleman - 1896?
Lady and Gentleman picture from the back of the Sheffield Wednesday 1896 English Cup winners team photo

For some reason, the beard on the gentleman reminds me of Harry from the Henderson’s Bigfoot films…  🙂

If anybody out there can give us any more information about either of the pictures, especially about the lady and gentleman, it would be greatly appreciated.  Please either leave a comment below, or contact us directly.

We have found the Wikipedia entry for the football match, and have seen a few examples of the team picture around the web, but the whole item is just really intriguing!

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