Food thermometer review

Meat thermometer box
Meat thermometer box

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Five Stars

Useful little thermometer for barbecue days!

This thermometer arrived wrapped in a bubble wrap pouch, inside an attractive retail box.

After prying open the battery cover, and inserting a single AAA battery, the device sprang into life. Pull out the probe, the device turns on. Clip the probe back into place, it turns off again.

When you put the probe into hot meat, it registers a close temperature almost immediately, then settles down in under 10 seconds to the right reading. I noticed that when putting in frozen meat, it took much longer to settle on the correct reading, up to a minute. This is definitely a device for testing hot food – I’d say it’s quick to heat up, but slow to cool down.

Especially when barbecueing, you need to ensure your food is well cooked. This thermometer, with the handy guide printed on the box (and on its handle) will help you do just that. It’s worth noting that this is not the sort of thermometer you can just leave in meat, in the oven. If you try that, it’ll melt all over your food!

This is a nice little thermometer, the multi-angle probe helps, and I can definitely recommend it.

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Thanks to Amir UK for providing this item for review.


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