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Alphabet Cutters
Alphabet Cutters

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Four Stars

Cut cleanly and sharply, giving great shapes.

These cutters came packaged in a nice, retail printed package, plastic bubble at the front, cardboard slip at the back, with a protective plastic holder for all the parts inside. It’s a shame the holder can’t be used long term for storage, as the original packaging is just a bit too big, but they’re fine in a box or similar – we are storing them in a tin.

There are cutters for each capital letter of the alphabet, each number “0” through “9”, plus a few special symbols, “#”, “?”, “&”, “!” and “;”. The purple is a pleasant colour, and the shapes are all really well made. There are no gaps from the moulding process or anything, and all the edges are clean and sharp.

The backs of the cutters have a small handle, which you use to grab between a finger and thumb, and push into the icing or whatever other material you’re cutting. The material is cut cleanly, and as you pull the mould away, the cutout piece stays in the mould.

Unfortunately, there’s no easy way of pushing the icing back out of the cutter. There are clear holes at the back, so you can use a small stick or fork handle, but when it comes to the smaller shapes (we noticed it on the dot of the exclamation mark), you really need a sharp stick, like a kebab stick or cocktail stick. This is such a shame as it lets down what is actually a really nice and useful set. Perhaps a future version could include a blunt plastic stick for removal, or they could develop a version with a plunger to push the shape out neatly.

This is a lovely set, and if it came with a box and something to push out the cut icing, it’d get five-stars, but I can definitely still recommend it.

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