Bestfire Mini Digital Decibel Meter Review

Decibel Meter Package Contents
Decibel Meter Package Contents

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Five Stars

Brilliant little tool, very easy to use!

This item arrived in a resealable plastic packet (clear on the front, white on the back), inside a strong, protective, plain cardboard box. The packet contained the device itself, a new 9v battery, and a decent little instruction leaflet.

I think it’s awesome that a battery is included, so you can just pop it in and go – so rare these days! Using the device is as simple as sliding off the back cover, plugging in the battery, closing the cover, pressing the power button, and putting the sponge protected microphone in your desired place for testing.

I didn’t have a second meter to test its accuracy, but the best I can say is “it seemed about right to me”… By default, the display refreshes a couple of times a second with the current reading. Pressing the simple MAX MIN button in succession lets you choose to display the maximum reading from the current session (so you can see how loud something gets), the minimum reading (so you can see how quiet something is), or the current reading, in a cycle.

There is a really useful standard tripod screw socket in the back, so you can put the meter in a desired location and read it without disturbing it or adding your own noise.

Whilst the unit is powered on, there is a nice blue backlight glow behind the very easy to read display – this makes it great for dark environments. The whole unit seems very solid and well put together. Lots of thought have gone into the design, and it’s clearly not going to fall apart after five minutes.

This is an awesome little unit, so easy to use, and surprisingly useful (I’ve already used it to test the volume of another item I’m reviewing today) – I highly recommend it!

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Thanks to Best-Fire for providing this item at a discount for review.


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