Coolden iPhone 6/6s Gold Wallet Case Review

Case In Packet
Case In Packet

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Four Stars

Really tough and resilient case, but a bit bulky.

Inside the Amazon box, this item was packaged in a clear-fronted, retail style resealable plastic packet. The case was rubberised on the inside, for shock protection, in what seemed to be a two-layered fashion, with harder gold sections providing additional protection.

The rubber around the outside of the case is textured, to provide a good grip in your hand. There is a deep cutout in the back, for the camera / flash, along with a slide-off section which seems to be to hold a credit card or similar. This section adds massively to the thickness of the phone, and I just can’t see the point. All iPhone 6 and 6s devices use Apple Pay, so you wouldn’t be using it for contactless payments, and it’s not like it’s a hidden section or anything, so I’m just a bit confused.. All the other ports are there, and in the right place, but again with the case being quite thick, everything seems very deep, although nothing is difficult to get to, even the mute button.

All corners and sides are perfectly protected, and there’s a slight protrusion at the front to protect your screen if laid face down. The lightning cable fits perfectly through the hole in the case to the port, but it should be noted that if you use a 30-pin to lightning adapter, you’ll need to remove the case as the bottom is fully protected and the adapter just won’t fit.

I can recommend this case for anyone looking to protect their phone from shocks, drops and scratches, as it’s a very rugged case, but to me it’s just a bit too thick, and pointlessly so for the card holder section.

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Thanks to Coolden UK for providing this item for review.


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