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Five Stars

Lovely little display, very configurable, kids will love it.

This item arrived in a glossy retail style printed box, inside a solid protective brown cardboard box. The unit itself was wrapped in protective plastic inside the boxes. The package contained the item itslef, some basic instructions, and a USB power cable. Unfortunately the cable terminates in a bespoke jack plug, rather than the ubiquitous micro-USB, so you have to use their cable, but this isn’t too big a deal.

Even before powering on, this is a pretty little item, that is sure to capture a child’s attention. It’s a small device, so can be used as a bedside lamp – the translucent cover allows it to be used in just lamp mode, rather than projector. It’s really cool that this item has a battery box underneath, so you can sit it in the middle of a room to display, rather than being forced to have it near power.

Nobody should get the idea that this is an accurate star map – this is just a little toy for displaying pretty pictures of moons, stars and other shapes. There are multiple lighting options provided, with the location of the LED bulbs inside helping to give a 3D effect to the projected images. The colours of the bulbs are white, red, green and blue. They can be turned on in any combination, from a single colour, through two or three chosen colours, to all four colours at once – even with them flashing.

The three buttons on the back of the unit give you full control over the lighting effects and whether or not you want the top of the unit to spin round, or just project a static picture. All these are sure to delay the onset of boredom that seems to plague any child! It’s worth noting that the room needs to be fairly dark for the projection to be effective, but when running it does look pretty darned cool. In projector mode, looking through the shapes at the bulbs directly can be a little bit blinding, they’re necessarily very bright.

I know they use similar items in “sensory rooms” where children are given different sensory experiences – the effect of this type of item on a gauzy material is really good, and relaxing music helps the whole atmosphere.

All in all, this is a great little device and I can highly recommend it.

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Thanks to Best-Fire for providing this item at a discount for review.


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