ACEVIVI Hair Straightening Brush Review


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Five Stars

Really high quality item, packaged for gifting!

The data in this review was provided by my wife – the only flowing locks I have are on my chin, and I quite like them fuzzy! 🙂

This item arrived in an extremely attractive, two-tone glossy retail box, inside a protective plastic sleeve. The really sturdy box screams of high end quality and luxury, and is extremely feminine, it reminds me of high end smartphone type boxes. It would definitely work well if you were giving this as a gift.

Inside the box is the brush itself, inside a lovely velvet style pouch, a glossy colour pop out instruction manual, that’s robust enough to keep around. The pouch is really useful for storing and carrying the device, but it has nice touches such as the beads on the fasteners, and has a really nice velvety feel.

The power cord for the device is great – it has a UK plug, with the brush end being on a 360 degree swivel connection, that means it won’t get tangled up in use. It also has a velcro tidy, which is extremely useful. It’s these little additions which really show you the quality of the item and thought that’s gone into the design of it.

The pink parts of the brush have quite a metallic appearance to them, so it doesn’t give off a plasticky feeling, which some similar devices can do. The on and off button is quite neat, and the 5 different heat settings light up nicely. There are buttons to adjust the temperature to get the perfect result.

I only need a low heat setting for my naturally straight, fine hair, which is great as there’s less chance of damage. This device is so much easier to use than standard straighteners, as you just run the brush through your hair to get a straight result.

This is an excellent item, very high quality and luxurious, and I can highly recommend it.

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Thanks to ENICER for providing this item for review.


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