Etekcity Digital Fat Measuring Weighing Scales Review


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Five Stars

Very high quality and solid item, useful and accurate!

This item arrived packaged in a nice, solid, protective box, that’s definitely glossy and would fit retail. Inside the box was the item itself, held in polystyrene protectors and in a protective plastic bag, along with an instruction sheet and warranty card.

The scales had batteries already fitted, with a pull tab to activate them. The scales themselves have a really deep, glossy finish, and a very attractive design, with the two foot sensors for body fat measurement being integrated into the design.

There’s a really large, easy to read display, with a nice and bright blue back light. You can change the setting from lbs to kgs on the back. Unfortunately, you cannot switch to stones, which means it probably won’t suit most people in the UK who don’t use metric or plain pounds.

I don’t have a calibrated and accurate way of checking the measurements on this, but the readings for all versions seemed accurate and matched those on the similar type scales that I already use. These have a nice weight to them, meaning they won’t just slide around the floor etc.

If you don’t care that these don’t measure in stones, I can absolutely recommend them.

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Thanks to Etekcity Corporation for providing this item for review.


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