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A couple of weeks ago, I was reading one of my technology RSS feeds (The Register), and I came across a review piece of RootMetrics coverage map.

Previously, operator and industry coverage maps have been pretty terrible, but this one looked great.

I downloaded the app onto my iPhone, and I’ve not looked back.  I have the test running wherever I go.  If I’m driving fast, I’ll just have the voice signal test running.  If I’m walking, or fairly stable / slow, I’ll test the data too.  I’m lucky enough to be on a genuinely unlimited data contract with Three UK, so it’s great.

I’m not really concerned about privacy with this app, and it’s really fun to see within minutes where I’ve been on a Google Maps mashup, and see what the coverage has been like there.  My belief and hope is that the operators will take these coverage maps seriously, and fill in the blanks, and make their coverage better to make more of the maps green.

I want to be part of making the whole maps green, and I’m hoping that lots of other people feel the same way!

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