Bestfire Speaker Bulb Review

Bulb In Packaging

This review appears in its original form here, and is for this product listing. Brilliant little bit of kit, great sound and cool lighting! This item arrived in its own very attractive and practical retail packaging, inside a polythene wrapper in a solid, protective plain brown cardboard box. The packaging was solid enough to take… Continue reading Bestfire Speaker Bulb Review

Enhance your Active Directory PowerShell

I really like the PowerShell for Active Directory, that you find in Windows Server 2008 and above.  I cut my teeth on PowerShell with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, and love the ability to script almost everything – even if the script is just a bunch of repeated commands against a list in Excel, that’s copied… Continue reading Enhance your Active Directory PowerShell

RDP to Windows Server 2012 from Windows XP

I came across an annoying little issue today.  Whether it be down to the default settings of Windows Server 2012, or one of the hardening settings of our corporate build, I don’t know, but it’s annoying either way. My corporate provided laptop operating system is mandated at Windows XP.  I regularly (90+% of every day)… Continue reading RDP to Windows Server 2012 from Windows XP

Creating ringtones for iPhones

I think my worst fears are being brought to reality, and this is becoming a technical blog.  I guess if your worst fears in the world are about blog entries, your life’s pretty sweet, so I’ll stop complaining now…   🙂 Mrs Zoo Keeper and I have had a variety of mobile phones over the years,… Continue reading Creating ringtones for iPhones