Bestfire Speaker Bulb Review

Bulb In Packaging
Bulb In Packaging

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Five Stars

Brilliant little bit of kit, great sound and cool lighting!

This item arrived in its own very attractive and practical retail packaging, inside a polythene wrapper in a solid, protective plain brown cardboard box. The packaging was solid enough to take a lot of hammer, yet hold the bulb securely and protect it against damage, whilst showing off the item in all its glory.

Sliding off the cardboard wrap at the bottom of the package gave access to a couple of bits of tape. Pulling those off allowed the clear plastic lid to be lifted off, and meaning the bulb could be easily lifted out. Under the bulb holder was a nice glossy coloured printed set of instructions.

On the back of the cardboard sleeve is a QR code to take you to the app for connecting to and controlling the bulb. My camera found it a bit difficult, as the QR code is very small, but it got there in the end. Once you’ve got the app downloaded, connect to the bulb via bluetooth which gives you the audio output (it paired in a couple of seconds), then use the app to pair with the lamp part.

The music part of the app gave me some concerns, as all the music is laid out in alphabetical order, with no sorting or playlists or anything, but then we figured out that you can just send sounds from any application, so that wasn’t a problem. The app is pretty self explanatory, and allows connection, turning the lamp off and on, timers for the lamp, music selection, and the coolest feature of all, the lamp brightness and colours.

The lamp can be set manually to a specific colour, or if you’re playing music through it, set it to auto and watch the colours change and flash in time with the music, like a proper old time disco!! The sound quality was particularly good, giving plenty of volume with no distortion, and both the high and low notes being faithfully reproduced.

This is a brilliant little toy, that gives great sound and light – highly recommended.

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Thanks to Best-Fire for providing this item at a discount for review.


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