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Box Contents
Box Contents

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Five Stars

Great, solid, quality press, with a brilliant peeler!

This item arrived in an attractive, retail style brown cardboard box. The seller has printed nice touches on the box, with little “thank you” notes on flaps etc. There’s also a nice “Thank you” note inside. Little touches like this really add to the experience of buying a product. Inside the box, the peeler and press were both sealed in protective bags.

The first thing to be used was the peeler. I’ve never come across these before, but it was so simple – just cut off the ends of the clove, roll it a couple of times in the peeler and it’s completely peeled – awesome. I didn’t realise that peeling garlic could be anything but annoying – now it’s cool!

The press itself is very clearly solid and well made – I like the fact that the part with the holes bends out for easy cleaning. As with all garlic presses, this takes a bit of pressure to use – children and the elderly should steer clear… 🙂

The size allows for one large clove, or a couple of small ones. The press crushes the garlic really nicely, and produces a really fine product along with a bit of juice – nice for garlic butter.

After use, it’s so easy to clean too, although the edges of the clove holder needed a tool (knife point or stick) to get the bits out, it would be great if these corners could be sealed.

All in all, this is a great little set, and would even make a nice gift considering the presentation – highly recommended.

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Thanks to Dailyart for providing this item for review.


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