Puridea S4 6600mAh Portable Charger Review

Charger Box Contents
Charger Box Contents

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Five Stars

Very nicely designed power bank, stores loads of power and has two outputs!

This item arrived packaged in an attractively printed, strong protective retail box. Opening the box showed the power bank unit itself, a Micro-USB charging cable (to charge the unit and/or a micro-USB ported phone), and a sensibly sized, well printed instruction manual.

What I like about this unit is the double output ports – there are three ports on the edge, one input (standard micro-usb) and two outputs. There’s a large, 6,000 mAh battery in this unit, which should keep your phone (my iPhone 6 has a 1,810 mAh battery) running for about three full charges, depending on the model. I found that, unlike some other devices, this was just as happy charging an iPad as an iPhone.

The LEDs surrounding the single power button give you an idea of how much charge is left in the device. The sleek looks, and grey/white design of the item give it a real quality and premium feel.

The physical design of the unit is great, it’s so slim, and the rounded edges make it just feel thinner. It’s really light too, and only slightly bigger than my iPhone 6.

If you regularly have low charge on your phone, pick one of these up, you won’t regret it – highly recommended.

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Thanks to Coooss for providing this item for review.


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