VicTop Mini Dehumidifier Review

Dehumidifier In Action
Dehumidifier In Action

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Five Stars

Very quiet little unit on low power, but not exactly mini!

This item arrived in a large, attractively printed retail box, declaring a mini dehumidifier was inside. I guess it’s mini in the same way a current BMW Mini One is mini – the box stands 34cm high by 21cm wide, with the unit itself being 30cm high by 19cm wide. Inside the box the unit was held securely with cardboard templates, on top of a decent instruction manual and an external power adapter.

The unit has a power socket at the back into which you plug the adapter, which has a sensibly long lead. After powering on via the touch button, you can hear the gentle fan. Pressing the touch sensitive speed button swaps between the three variable strengths of the fan. The fan is rather quiet, and at the lowest setting I measured it just above background level at 46.1dBA right next to the unit, with even the highest power only being 50.5dBA.

Also at the back is a small water tank, into which the condensate from the hidden radiator will settle. There is a simple float in there which triggers a switch when full. When it gets full, the unit turns off, beeps three times, and flashes the power light at you.

The air is pulled into the unit through a vent at the bottom, passed over a cooled radiator inside the unit, then sent out through the top “ears” of the device. The air is slightly cooled, but you wouldn’t want to rely on this as an air conditioner, it’s purely about getting the moisture out of the air.

As a dehumidifier, this is a great, quiet little(ish) device, that would work fine even in a bedroom.

It should be noted that when I received this unit, it did not work – the switches that register the water tank’s presence and whether or not it’s full were too far back in the unit. I pulled the switches forward and it worked perfectly, but most people probably wouldn’t figure this out, or be prepared to stick their hands inside the unit and play with the electronics. I contacted the seller to discuss this with them, and they responed that they had contacted the manufacturer who were looking to prevent this happening in the future, and they suspected this was probably knocked during shipping – the box was indeed crushed a bit at the top.

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Thanks to VicTop for providing this item at a discount for review.


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