Twitter bites the dust

Another of my time leeches bit the dust this morning.  After a little bit of hoop jumping (sooooo much less than with FaceBook), I managed to deactivate my Twitter account.

What I really liked about this deactivation, was that they made it clear that in 30 days, all the data will be deleted.  That’s so much better than FaceBook, which seems to keep it indefinitely, unless you actively tell it to delete all data.

I believe I’ll miss Twitter more than I have missed FaceBook – I had quite a few laughs at some of the posts, but it’s time to shut out the noise.  I have used Twitter for work purposes, and I’ve won a few competitions on there.  Maybe I’ll be back if I start getting a bit more free time, but for now, I might appreciate the few minutes of peace I get back each day.

I’ve removed my bookmarks, deleted the apps from my iPad and iPhone, and unlinked the account from both devices.  Hopefully, that should be enough to prevent me re-activating things inadvertently!

My social networking world is now Google Plus, and LinkedIn.  I think they’ll both be around (although I don’t regularly look at LinkedIn, and I don’t have the app on my iDevices) for now, but I’m definitely appreciating my personal blog!

The Zoo Keeper

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