iPad 2/3/4 tempered glass screen protector review

iPad 2/3/4 tempered glass screen protector
iPad 2/3/4 tempered glass screen protector

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Five Stars

Perfect protection – even hides existing scratches!

I’ve been using tempered glass screen protectors on phones for a few years now. They vary in quality (and price), and I don’t think I’d be without one. I never thought I’d need one for my iPad as it’s always behind a standard Apple cover, then I got a 1 inch scratch across the screen and regretted it… 🙁

This particular item arrived in a large, protective retail style box. Opening the box showed a the screen protector (in a polythene protective pouch), a pair of wet and dry wipes, a microfibre cloth, a white and a black button cover, and some sort of little card, which I’ve not found a use for yet. I’ve had screen protectors delivered pre-shattered in the past – no chance of that happening with this packaging.

The protector is applied in a similar way to others I’ve used on phones, remove the protective sleeve, peel off the film, line up with your screen, then apply. The nice thing about this one is that if you’ve not got it lined up right, just peel off and try again. When it’s lined up right, just tap one edge, and it’ll start expelling the air all the way across the screen, and stick perfectly, with no bubbles.

What was even better, was that once applied, I could no longer see the scratch in my screen, it’s as if the silicone sticky has filled in the hole! The button protector was no use to me as I can live with scratches on that, and the black one was printed slightly off anyway, so I probably wouldn’t have used it.

I highly recommend this product for anyone with an iPad – even if you have a cover!!

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Thanks to Kacuco for providing this item at a discount for review.


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