Neckband Sports Earphones review

Sports Earphones box
Sports Earphones box

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Five Stars

Really nice design that holds well and sounds great!

This headset arrived in an attractive retail style printed box, that was well designed and held the earphones perfectly, displaying the button part nicely inside. In the box were the headset itself, a very short (but well designed) micro-USB charging cable, and a decent set of instructions.

The earbuds were soft and fit perfectly in the ear, hardly visible in use. The cable holding the earpieces together is soft and long – long enough even for a large head like mine, with room to spare. It’s got a really cool magnetic clip in the middle, which holds each earpiece together, and hides the USB charging port. The cable is nicely moulded into each earpiece, so it’s not just going to pull or fall out.

I like the design of the charging cable, rather than a full sized USB plug, it’s a very slim block that slots easily in your USB port. It’s also a flat cable, so it won’t tangle. My only complaint is that it’s a bit short for my desk, although laptop users will love it, and I can use any micro-USB cable.

Pairing was extremely straightforward, and the musical sound through the earphones is great. There is very little sound leakage past the well fitting and soft earbuds. Sound quality from both ends on a phonecall is perfect, and the multifunction button is great for hanging up calls etc, with the other two buttons on the block at the end of the cables doubling up as volume and next/previous track. The quality of the microphone surprised me, given that it’s not exactly close to your mouth, hanging at the end of the cables, but it picked up my voice perfectly.

This is a really good little headset, that’s well designed and works great, highly recommended.

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Thanks to Syllable Direct Uk for providing this item for review.


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