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Purse In Box
Purse In Box

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Five Stars

Lovely leather purse, so many card slots!

Inside the Amazon package, this item was in what appeared to be a very high quality box, nicely printed with the logo in the centre of the white front, and a gold band around the bottom. Unfortunately (I don’t know if this happened in transit), the box was marked with light black scuffs, and one corner had been crushed. Opening the box though, th quality was apparent. The wonderful smell of new leather came shooting out. The logo was printed in gold under the lid, and the purse itself was protected inside a nice, white cloth wrap, again, with the logo printed simply, in gold. Cats definitely approve of the box, as I can confirm that within minutes of being opened, I found one sat in mine!

The purse itself was a lovely rose colour, with a nice sheen and a soft feel, giving good grip. The leather grain is very attractive, with the gold logo and zip highlights setting things off. The stitching seemed high quality all around, there were no missed stitches, but there were some areas (if you looked very closely) where the stitches were slightly smaller than the rest. Speaking of the stitching, it was nice to note that the thread matched the gold on the purse highlights. Inside one of the note sections was a polystyren protector, and a pair of silica gel packets.

I love the fact that there are loads of card slots – 14 in total, plus a single see through slot, for bus pass, driving license, donor card etc. There’s a large zipped coin area on the back, which would hold lots, but I’d maybe worry about the shape or line being ruined – not a problem if stored in a handbag! It’s nice to see a smaller zipped area inside, for rings or other small valuables.

There are two large notes slots inside, with a flap over a second set of six card slots that can double up as a note slot too, making three. The JCCS logo is embroidered onto the internal cloth, and stamped once into the interior of the purse, again giving a real quality feel to the item. The card and notes area is held together by a solid press stud, rather than the magnetic clips that are becoming prevalent, which is nice.

I think this is a lovely purse, very attractive, yet totally functional with all the card slots and zipped areas – highly recommended.

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Thanks to Termichy UK for providing this item for review.


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