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Thermometer Box Contents
Thermometer Box Contents

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Five Stars

Useful, versatile and accurate!

This item arrived inside its retail packaging, in a bubble wrapped pouch. The retail box is highly attractive, glossy with bright colours, and has a magnetic closure, so you can keep the thermometer in the original box if you prefer, and it’s easy to get to.

Inside the box were the thermometer itself, including end cap, a stand for the device, and a nice, large, sensible instruction manual, with decent illustrations. There appeared to be space for something else in the box, and reading the instructions it says a CR2032 battery should be included in the package, but I couldn’t find it, and the Amazon listing clearly states “Battery Not Included”, so maybe that’s for different markets. I’m an IT consultant though, so I have plenty of those batteries knocking around (they’re used as CMOS batteries for computer motherboards, often also car keys too).

Once the battery was inserted under the easily removable clip, pressing the power button sets the device off to work. It instantly recognised the room temperature, and the bright green backlight made it easy to see all the figures. Pop off the cap and put the probe in your ear, and a couple of seconds after pressing the button, you get an accurate reading. I liked the fact that the backlight changed to red if the temperature was too high – nice, simple alerts to problems. With the cap back on, a forehead test was just as accurate.

The stand is quite useful if you want to have the thermometer available easily, or if you want to use it as a room thermometer / clock combination. To display a constantly switching time and current temperature loop (no backlight), press the button under the battery cover and set the time. To stop the display, pop out the battery for a few seconds and re-insert.

It’s really good that the device turns off a few seconds after taking the temperature reading. This should mean the battery lasts a good long time. It’s extremely easy to change from Celsius to Fahrenheit, just long press the button under the battery case again. I like how easy the device is to use overall, and how neatly it fits into my hands – some real thought has gone into the ergonomics on this one.

This is a really nice thermometer which is versatile in its functionality, and seems to be accurate and fast to find its readings. I highly recommend it.

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Thanks to SOONHUA for providing this item for review.


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