Smart Choice Fruit Infused Water Bottle Review

Water Bottle Box Contents
Water Bottle Box Contents

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Five Stars

Excellent, solid and attractive bottle, really well designed.

This item arrived packaged in an extremely attractive and colourful, glossy retail box. The box had hints and some basic instructions on the sides. Inside the box were the bottle, protected in a plastic packet, and a small information leaflet about the company. The bottle comprises a locking flip top screw on lid with lanyard attached, a screw top holder for fruit, containing another information leaflet, and the main bottle itself.

The bottle is solid and holds a fair amount of liquid. The fruit compartment is similarly solid. After removing it from the bottle (a nice seal from the silicone ring at the top), unscrewing its lid allows you to put a whole heap of fruit in there – a whole pear went in with room to spare. There are loads of recipes available on line for different fruits with varying health benefits. Screw the lid back on this part, pop it back in the bottle, screw the lid on the bottle (after filling with water), shake and you’re done. The holes for water in the fruit holder are relatively small (and attractively shaped), so bits of fruit aren’t going to get out into your main fluids.

You can just as easily leave the fruit holder out, and just use it as a large water bottle with a sports type clip cap. The cap locks, so it doesn’t spring open at the wrong moment. I found the locking mechanism to be a bit stiff though, but this might just be on the item I received. Whether you use fruit or not, this is going to save you money on bottled water (assuming you fill from the tap!).

There were no leaks from the bottle, despite vigorous shaking. It’s also surprisingly light, despite the size and the solid feel of the plastic bottle. Because the bottle’s long and slim, with moulded grips, it’s very easy to hold securely, the wrist sized lanyard attached to the lid ensures that too. The logo up the side is quite attractive, with the green apple in the lettering.

This is an excellent water bottle, and the fruit infuser just adds to the attractiveness – highly recommended.

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Thanks to SmartChoiceFitness for providing this item at a discount for review.


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