10x 12″ White Paper Light Shades Review

Lamp Shade In-Situ
Lamp Shade In-Situ

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Five Stars

Very pretty shades, easy to set up and fit once you’ve done the first.

Inside the Amazon box, this set of ten individually packeted shades were sealed together in a plastic packet. In each individual packet, were the shade itself, the locking bracket for the shade to keep it in shape, and a small, basic instruction sheet. Cats seem to like the packaging very much – I spread the packeted shades on my desk to take a picture for this review and turned my back, when I turned back around there was a cat sitting on them like it had been there all day!

The shades are very easy to assemble – pull from each end to expand, put the bracing wire inside, with the hooks through the loops at the top end, and the notches in the ring at the bottom end – that’s it! It took me a while to figure out how to hang them. Basically, you string your lamp cable through the top hook in the bracing wire, then back through the bottom hook, and it holds solidly.

I found that it was better to put the bracing wire on the lamp cable first and fit the bulb, before assembling the shade in-situ. This could be because I have large chip shovels for hands, and I couldn’t get them in the bottom with the wire in place to put the bulb in, or put the wire in place afterwards if I removed it.

Once I got the hang of putting the bracer on the cable, putting the bulb in, then assembling the shade, it was very easy to do the rest.

The paper-like bamboo shade gives out a really warm light, even with a bright halogen bulb, and doesn’t steal too much of the light away, or leave big long shadows. The shades are very attractive in place, and can make a really nice display.

These are very pretty shades, that are easy to assemble and fit, and give a lovely warm light. Highly recommended.

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Thanks to GoldenBell for providing this item for review.


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