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Wireless Mouse package contents
Wireless Mouse package contents

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Five Stars

Nicely designed, versatile little mouse.

This item was delivered in a text-branded brown cardboard box, containing a bubble wrapped mouse, some decent instructions, and a warranty card.

This is a very small mouse – either for small hands or mobile (laptop) use. I have great big chip shovels for hands, so it gets lost in my palm, and is about the length of my middle finger. Despite the size, in my fingers it has a comfortable feel, and seems to have some sense of ergonomics in the design.

I love the way the tiny USB dongle is clipped in underneath the mouse, and how easy it all is to set up. You unplug the USB dongle from the mouse (smaller than some USB plugs I’ve seen on the end of cables – it only sticks out of the port a few mm) and plug that into the USB port of your computer. Insert an AA battery into the mouse, and you’re away – genuine plug and play, no need for pairing software etc. I had it paired immediately with Windows 8.1.

The finish of the product, whilst all plastic, still suggests quality. The sides have ridges and are shaped so that you get a good grip. There are the standard left, right and centre buttons, with the centre doubling up as a scroll wheel. Behind the scroll wheel is a button that changes the sensitivy of the mouse, from 1000dpi to 2000dpi. It’s a very light product, and appears to weigh less than the battery used to power it. Speaking of power, the unit auto powers off after a short while, and requires the click of a button to wake it back up – I suspect this is what provides the claimed >12 month battery life, and I’m all for it.

If you’re a mobile user needing a small, light, wireless mouse, or you have small hands, then look no further than this item, I can highly recommend it.

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Thanks to EasyPlug for providing this item for review.


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