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Item package
Item package

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Five Stars

Very versatile, high quality unit.

Inside the Amazon box, this item was securely wrapped in a padded envelope, which held the attractive retail box. The box had a window displaying the product, attached to what the bicycle handlebar bracket – you can use this unit as a front light and have music playing whilst you ride, without dangerously blocking road sounds with earphones. The bracket has a really nice feature for using the unit as a bike lamp, which is a dust protector for the two USB ports and the line-in jack on the front, below the bulbs. There is also a rubber protector inside the securely holding screw clamp to protect your handlebars.

The unit is relatively light for a power pack, definitely portable. A switch on the unit turns on bluetooth, and connection to a phone takes place in an instant, no PIN required. Sound quality was great for both music and phone calls, with the combined volume / next track buttons and play/stop button working perfectly. I like the inclusion of a Siri button, but I’m not sure if I would use it.

The really bright, two LED torch requires a double click on the LED / power key to activate – a nice security feature to prevent accidental presses wasting the battery that you may need to charge up your phone! The attached micro-USB cable is handy for charging standard phones (not iPhones), if a bit short. The power output is enough to charge an iPad, which is both nice and rare. The included small instruction manual is not that well translated, but the picture on the Amazon website covers everything – it might be best to refer to that, although it only takes two minutes to understand the purpose of each button and port.

I really like the way the unit is designed, with the speaker at the back, all required buttons on the top, with the built in USB cable tightly locked away, and the torch / light and charging ports all at the front. This is clearly a well built piece of kit, and won’t fall apart overnight – probably best described as high quality, the case has a matt, almost rubberised feel to it.

Unfortunately, despite the Amazon product description saying a micro-USB cable was provided with the unit, the one I received did not have one. I contacted the seller and they explained that the description isn’t quite right, but the next version of the product will absolutely include a Micro-USB cable to charge the battery.

Overall, this is a high quality device, that has been well designed, and has a variety of uses. I absolutely recommend grabbing one of these, especially if you’re a keen cyclist that likes music!

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Thanks to Coooss for providing this item for review.


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