Universal 3-in-1 Phone Camera Lens Kit Review

Fifi snout on macro
Fifi snout on macro

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Five Stars

Allows some really impressive pictures.

Inside the Amazon box, this item was packaged in a windowed retail box. Inside, adequately protected, were a basic information card (with warm tips!), a microfibre cloth bag for the pieces, two clips with differing sized screw holes, and two lenses, one of which is a combination of macro and wide angle. Each of the two lenses is protected with a lens cap.

The Fish-eye lens was the first to go on, it screwed straight into the larger clip hole, I took off the lens cap and clipped the item to the phone. It was easy to line up over my camera, and worked perfectly well even though I had a case attached. I was stunned how much more you got in a picture when using this lens. I have attached two pictures of Fifi the cat, sat on her stand looking to the left. One is with the lens attached, one without – they were both taken from the same spot, with the same zoom level.

The macro lens came next, but this one had me a bit confused, as it’s a reverse-handed thread. After much fiddling around, I finally managed to screw the lens into the smaller clip, unscrew the wide-angle lens, and give it a try. Fingerprints are great, but I couldn’t resist Fifi’s nose! The lens brought things into focus at much closer distances than you can manage with the default lens, and the clarity is awesome. This is quality lens work.

I finally tried the wide-angle lens. Again, Fifi is our model… It took a nice, clear shot of her, and definitely pulled in a much wider view of the background.

This is a quality little lens set, that provides some awesome pictures, and can be carried around to take the right shots quickly, when you need them. Highly recommended.

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Thanks to VicTop for providing this item at a discount for review.


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