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Universal 3-in-1 Phone Camera Lens Kit Review

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Five Stars

Allows some really impressive pictures.

Inside the Amazon box, this item was packaged in a windowed retail box. Inside, adequately protected, were a basic information card (with warm tips!), a microfibre cloth bag for the pieces, two clips with differing sized screw holes, and two lenses, one of which is a combination of macro and wide angle. Each of the two lenses is protected with a lens cap.

The Fish-eye lens was the first to go on, it screwed straight into the larger clip hole, I took off the lens cap and clipped the item to the phone. It was easy to line up over my camera, and worked perfectly well even though I had a case attached. I was stunned how much more you got in a picture when using this lens. I have attached two pictures of Fifi the cat, sat on her stand looking to the left. One is with the lens attached, one without – they were both taken from the same spot, with the same zoom level.