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Super Clean Packet
Super Clean Packet

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Five Stars

Surprisingly effective cleaner, for a toy from my childhood!

The item arrived in a retail foil, resealable packet. It was brightly printed and colourful, with a small window in the back to see the product (green slime!). Some basic (poorly translated) instructions are on the back, but the pictures are self-explanatory – push it onto the dirty surface, pull it off and the surface is clean.

When I was a child (I don’t like being reminded that it was the seventies…), this stuff came in little pots, marketed as a toy, and called Slimuck. I got it everywhere, and it definitely used to clean my hands whilst playing with it. I remember using it to make highly inappropriate noises, simulate snot, and just get up to all sorts of horrid things with it. It’s really cool to see this product now take on a genuine functional purpose, as a keyboard and other awkward surface cleaner.

I gave it a test on my neglected input device, and found it to be very effective. It removed all traces of dust from between the keys, and even picked up cat hairs that had been stealthily placed by our feline companion.

I’m surprised, but this is a really effective cleaning tool for those awkward surfaces, and I can highly recommend it. Oh, and it still makes inappropriate noises at will!! 🙂

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