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Humidifier Package Contents
Humidifier Package Contents

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Five Stars

Lovely little unit, really pushes the aromas out!

This item arrived in a tall, solid, protective box, with the item, instruction manual, measuring jug and power block inside. The humidifier has an interesting design, but it really comes to life when powered on.

The device cycles through multiple colours, lighting up a room with real ambience, with the aromas from the oil coming out in visible puffs of cold water vapour from the top. It really gets the fragrance out across the room in just seconds.

There is a very slight fan noise every few seconds, when the device is misting, but it’s very quiet and you have to focus to hear it. You can also choose to have the misting on constantly if you wish, and you notice the fan even less then.

The setup is easy, just twist off the top, pop in your water and oil, pop the top back on, plug in, and you’re good. The light function can be changed for different patterns, colours and brightness, so you can really get your preferences right.

This is a really nice piece of kit, acts as a humidifier, provides a mood light, and makes your house smell nice. What is there not to recommend?

A lovely piece of kit, with multiple functions. Absolutely recommended for any home.

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Thanks to Amir UK for providing this item for review.


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