Creco 6W LED E27 Bulb Review

Lit Bulb
Lit Bulb

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Five Stars

Lovely warm yet bright light, with the pretty elements showing!

This item arrived well protected in a plastic pouch, surrounding a polystyrene foam wrapper, holding a solid cardboard box, protecting a plastic shock absorbing bulb holder! Wow – like a bunch of protective Russian dolls – there was no way that bulb wasn’t getting to me in one piece!! tall, solid, protective box, with the item, instruction manual, measuring jug and power block inside. The humidifier has an interesting design, but it really comes to life when powered on.

As a bulb, it’s pretty standard – an E27 American Style screw cap, standard bulb shape and size, but with orange LED elements strung inside. These elements light up really brightly, but you can still see the shape of them when you look (but not for too long). I love these LED bulbs, they’re so efficient to run, and so cool you can just grab and unscrew them even after a few hours turned on.

If you want to save on your electricity bills, yet still have a light bulb that turns on to full brightness immediately, then just grab one of these, they’re awesome, and look really pretty too. They really work in the retro style fixtures that are becoming all the rage lately.

I can absolutely recommend these bulbs to anyone!

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