Amir 24 LED Solar Light Review

Package Contents
Package Contents

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Five Stars

High quality light, lots of options for light or power saving!

This item arrived solidly packaged, in bubble wrap, inside a strong cardboard box. The box contained the lamp itself, some basic instructions, wall plugs and screws, and handily, a template for fixing the light to your chosen position.

The solar panel is really large, and this is a long unit, and it has a pleasant matt finish, which to me suggests it may absorb more sunlight than the usual glossy finish, although that remains to be seen (if we ever see sunlight again in Yorkshire!).

The panel is also tilted relatively steeply, to take advantage of a lower sun in these northern latitudes. The 24 really bright LEDs are covered with an attractive lens, which softens the light and spreads it uniformly, rather than just being 24 points of bright intensity light. The light is expected to be hooked onto the screws when they’ve been put into the wall, there are upside down keyhole shapes in the back of the unit to take them. This mounting method allows access to the rubber protected button, which controls the modes of operation. Pressing the button and cycling through the options gives you always on (when dark), dim light that brightens when movement is sensed, bright light only when motion is sensed, or off altogether.

In the normal “dim then bright on motion sensing” mode, as it gets dark, the LED panel starts to glow, providing a very low level of light (and saving battery), but as soon as movement is detected in the PIR range, the light goes up to full brightness. It remains that way for a few seconds after movement stops, meaning you get light when you need it, and don’t drain the batteries or annoy the neighbours when you don’t! Obviously the always on mode will drain the battery more quickly, and the light off when no motion is sensed will save most battery power.

This is a really good light to perhaps highlight a porch, or above a door, it’s probably a bit big to just use as a garden decoration. The large size means a big battery, and if fully charged in the sun, will last ages!

If you’re looking for a large security type light, with no electricity bills, this one comes highly recommended.

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Thanks to Amir UK for providing this item for review.


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