SMARTER Selfie Stick Review

Selfie Stick Box
Selfie Stick Box

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Five Stars

Nice, long selfie stick, holds the phone well.

This item was packaged inside an attractively printed retail box, which had instructions on the back (but they shouldn’t be needed). Opening the box gives you the extending stick itself, the phone holder attachment, and a soft rubber grip to add to the attachment.

The phone holder attachment locks to the stick with a standard tripod screw, so if you’re using a camera or device with that connector type, you can just lock it straight on, which is great. If you’re using the clip, it extends very wide, and very high, so much so you could almost get a small tablet in there! It holds the phone very solidly too.

There’s no messing around with bluetooth pairing or anything, you just plug the 3.5mm jack into the phone’s earphone port, and you’re away. The holder attachment has a good range of movement, and you can basically flip your phone through almost 360 degrees. It does appear to be landscape mode only though.

The extending stick is a polished metal, that seems to hold really well at whatever length you pull it out to, and it comes out a long way!!! The shutter button is well placed on the nice rubber handle, and feels like it can take years of use and abuse.

If you’re looking for a selfie stick that doesn’t need bluetooth, this one should be high on your list – definitely recommended.

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Thanks to SMARTER UK for providing this item for review.


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