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Bluetooth Tranceiver
Bluetooth Tranceiver

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Five Stars

Really nice, dual function gadget, very well presented.

Inside the Amazon box, this item packaged in a very high quality, multi-coloured golden printed box, very reminiscent of the designs of a certain “fruity” firm. Inside the box, you could see the item itself, secure in foam padding, with the remaining items underneath. These were a sensible manual, a micro-USB charging cable and a twin-ended 3.5mm jack cable.

Pairing with an iPhone was simplicity in itself. Switch to Rx (receive) mode, press the single button for a few seconds, then select the item in the bluetooth menu of the phone. No passcode required. Sound transmission came through perfectly loud and clear. I think a couple of tricks have been missed here. Two extra buttons could give volume up and down, and next / previous track choices, but they’re not required to make this a decent item.

You have the choice of having your bluetooth music player send to this item for distribution via the 3.5mm jack cable to a non-bluetooth item, like a standard headset, or car radio, or you can choose to have it work the other way around, transmitting from a non-bluetooth music player or radio etc, to some bluetooth speakers. Definitely a versatile little device.

Again, the sound quality when sending via bluetooth from the unit to a bluetooth speaker system is great. The micro-USB choice for charging means cables are easy to come by, should you lose the one included.

This is a great little unit, and the fact that it can either receive or transmit is awesome – highly recommended.

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