Flashing Dog Collar Attachment Review

Flashing dog collar attachment
Flashing dog collar attachment

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Five Stars

Nice and bright little unit, great for dark nights.

Inside the Amazon box, this item was was sealed in a branded plastic packet – definitely no waste packaging here. It had the batteries pre-installed, and it was prevented from powering on and wasting power by a clip between the two screw halves.

Once the protective clip is removed, screw the two halves together and the extremely bright, multi-coloured LED starts flashing. To turn it off, simply unscrew a couple of turns. For security, you can put the clip back in place. It’s a shame the clip isn’t physically attached, as I can see this getting lost in a hurry. It’s nice that the batteries are easily accessible and replaceable.

The simple clip attaches easy to even large D-Rings on collars, and don’t add much weight or annoy the dog (at least not our dog, although we suspect Coco likes jewellery!). The clip seems relatively secure, but I’d like to see a lock screw or similar in a future version.

The light is visible from a really long distance in the dark, and Coco can be easily seen running across dark fields from a couple of hundred yards away, if only the underneath of her flashing chin!

Overall, I’m very happy with this little light, and it’s great for dark nights. Highly recommended.

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Thanks to Digiflex for providing this item for review.


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