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Camera Stabiliser
Camera Stabiliser

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Five Stars

Really high quality, simple stabiliser that works.

This item arrived very well protected, inside shaped polystyrene fillers, inside a solid cardboard box. My box had clearly taken a knock, but there was no way it was going to touch the item inside. The box was also surprisingly light – I suspect due to the heavy use of aluminium on the stabiliser itself.

The stabiliser is extremely simple to fully assemble, and is very configurable, with different sized weights, movable screws and handles, and sliding weight anchor. The difficult part is getting the balance right for your camera – you really need to spend some time trying all the different configurations, so that the camera is properly balanced, and doesn’t move when you waggle the handle around. I *almost* managed it, another 10 minutes added to the 15 I took would have got it right for me, as it was, you can still see a little sway in my test video.

It’s a shame there are no tips or instructions included, but there are loads of demos on the internet, and it really is self explanatory – I can’t stress enough though the importance of spending that time to balance your camera.

This is not one of the multi-way stabilisers that cost many hundreds of pounds, and can attach to your chest etc, but for basic camera video use, it seems to work great – my jogging up and down stairs was smooth on the video I took (although with a bit of the aforementioned sway), and the smooth aluminium finish really looks and feels high quality. All the parts and screws are machined perfectly, I was very impressed with how expensive it feels, as a unit.

If you’ve got a DSLR camera, and want to take nice stable videos when not on a tripod, then I can highly recommend this item.

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Thanks to SMARTER UK for providing this item for review.


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