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Armband Package Contents
Armband Package Contents

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Four Stars

Functional armband allows you to use the phone and keep it safe whilst exercising.

This item arrived in a small, slim, retail box, with a clear plastic window on the front to view the product. Inside the package were the armband itself, a piece of cardboard replicating an iPhone screen to show how the phone fits, and a basic leaflet about the product.

As I opened the packet, the strong odour of fresh plastic hit me, I suspect this is from the window to view your phone screen, but it does seem to have permeated the rest of the fabric a bit. After 2 days out of the box, the odour is still present, although not as strong.

There is a large window at the front to suit most screens, my iPhone 6 fits in there perfectly. In the back, is a flap, under which you insert your phone. There are four separate holes in the corners of this slot, I assume to allow earphone cable egress. After testing, I definitely recommend bluetooth headphones, as dangling cables feel really restrictive for arm movements – maybe I’m just threading them the wrong way, but without any reasonable instructions, it’s difficult to tell. Perhaps some basic advice for beginners may be useful here.

Behind the pocket for the phone, there is a smaller pocket, labelled with a key icon. You’re not going to get a set of house or car keys in this, but maybe it’s for gym locker keys or something – it would easily fit a credit card.

The armband is very slightly elastic, so you need to use the velcro fastener to get it right for you. It uses a special velcro that only seems to pair with its own other half, rather than sticking to hair or clothing. Unfortunately, the design of this velcro fastening is such that it folds inwards, next to your arm. With my, let’s call it “excess skin” around the arms, this get trapped really easily and is very uncomfortable. I recommend that future versions have a piece of thick elastic running under this folding part for comfort for those with “larger” arms.

The phone was fully functional inside the sleeve, although the fingerprint sensor doesn’t work, which I’ve come to rely on a little. The item is very thin, and very light weight, so you’re not really going to notice it’s there, and your phone will definitely be held securely, no matter how active you are. The item can be washed, so that’s again good for active people, just remember to take your phone out first!

If you’re an active individual, that likes to listen to music or have access to the phone whilst exercising, then you should definitely consider one of these.

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Thanks to LegendWearable for providing this item for review.


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