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Mask Package Contents
Mask Package Contents

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Four Stars

Really soft mask that blocks out the light – the earplugs are a nice addition!

This item arrived in a glossy retail box, with a picture of two people in bed asleep, oddly neither of them wearing the mask! The box contained the sleeping mask itself, a soft bag for the mask, and a nice little plastic box containing a pair of basic earplugs.

The mask itself is very soft, and the velcro used to fasten the adjustable elasticated strap is really soft, and won’t trap your hair or stick to the pillows or anything, it seems to just stick to its own other half. The provided bag is also soft, but smaller than the mask so you have to fold the mask in half to put it in the bag, which worries me that it may end up misshapen.

The fact that the mask is shaped is novel (at least for ones I’ve tried), and it keeps itself well away from your eyes, which some people might like (I personally like a little bit of pressure on them). The nose shaping again prevents the nose pressing against the mask and being uncomfortable, but maybe I have a bigger nose than most, and I felt a bit of pressure across the bridge.

You need to leave lots of room when fastening the elastic strap. I’m used to two small straps that go above and below the ears. This item uses a single thick strap, that is positioned right across the centre of my ears, and pins them back uncomfortably if the strap is too tight – again, my ears may be bigger than the average user’s.

The mask is very thick and padded, so blocks out all light, this would be great for aeroplane usage. This also makes it very comfortable and light against the face. The included earplugs are a nice little touch – they’re basic, but they work well, I use very similar ones for keeping me sane whilst motorcycling. I’ve never had a nice little plastic box to keep them in though, and this is really handy (and hygienic).

I don’t think that a shaped mask can be comfortable for everybody, but this one has made great efforts to try, so I think that if you’re looking for a mask that keeps clear of your eyes, give this one a shot!

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Thanks to Prime Time Distribution for providing this item for review.


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