ANSIO A3 Self Healing Folding Cutting Mat Review

Cutting Mat Package
Cutting Mat Package

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Five Stars

Great, solid little mat, perfect for all types of crafts!

This item arrived in a retail packet, which contained the mat itself, and a small glossy sheet with barcode, picture and description etc.

Opening the packet gave the lovely smell of fresh plastic. I love the way the mat folds and locks together with the wavy line down the centre.

The mat itself is quite solid, not something you can roll up. It’s got a hard surface on the top, and non-slip rubber strips on the back, which I found still slipped just a little bit on a standard workstation type desk.

There are excellent markings across the whole surface of the mat, to allow precision cutting measurements and angles, we found it useful for 3D printing too.

The mat is supposed to be self-healing. I cut a long strip with a penknife down it – it didn’t immediately seal up, but once I’d rubbed my finger across it a couple of times, you could hardly see it. Bending the board a little failed to open up the cut, so it seems that although you can see the cut in the surface layer, the under-layers have healed.

I can definitely recommend this mat for anybody wanting to partake of crafts that require cutting, drawing, tracing, or measuring, that would benefit from the lines and angles, and also give their desk a bit of protection.

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Thanks to ANSIO Direct for providing this item for review.


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