Amazon Art Crafts Cutting Mat Review Testing

ANSIO A3 Self Healing Folding Cutting Mat Review

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Five Stars

Great, solid little mat, perfect for all types of crafts!

This item arrived in a retail packet, which contained the mat itself, and a small glossy sheet with barcode, picture and description etc.

Opening the packet gave the lovely smell of fresh plastic. I love the way the mat folds and locks together with the wavy line down the centre.

Art Blogging Cool Google Plus Illness

A reason to blog!

Last year, using Google Plus, I saw quite a few profile pictures were drawings, done in a particular style, that I now know to be “Sugar Skull”.  I loved the style, and thought they were very cool and unique – I wondered if there was a program out there people were using or something, like the one where you create your own South Park character lookalike.  How wrong I was…