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Last year, using Google Plus, I saw quite a few profile pictures were drawings, done in a particular style, that I now know to be “Sugar Skull”.  I loved the style, and thought they were very cool and unique – I wondered if there was a program out there people were using or something, like the one where you create your own South Park character lookalike.  How wrong I was…

Eventually a new one of these profile pictures popped up, on a user that I followed, and she credited the source of the art; Carolyn Curtis (Wenchkin).  When I realised the amount of work going into these images, I looked a little deeper into what was going on, and saw that they were part of an art project undertaken by Carolyn, drawing at least one new picture a day for 366 days.

When Carolyn posted that she was going to start a new, 365 day project, when the 366 day one ended, and was looking for volunteers to be turned into sugar skulls, I thought “Wow, I’d love to be part of that”, but for a reason I can’t explain, didn’t sign up immediately.  I revisited her site a few days later, and was stunned to see only a few responses so far, and got my name straight in there this time.

On 1st January 2013, Carolyn turned my profile picture into a sugar skull! :

From this...
From this…
...to this!
…to this!

I think it’s awesome, and believe a moustache just like that would suit me down to the ground!  🙂

To explain the blog title, and why I haven’t blogged in a while, our house has been a bit of a plague zone for the past couple of weeks (bronchitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, upper respiratory tract infections, antibiotics and lots of sleeping).  Christmas Day and Boxing Day saw us visiting the doctor’s surgery, and we’re still both off work sick – I’ve not had the motivation to turn on my computer, never mind blog!  Carolyn’s work has changed that.  I only found out today about the picture because of my absence from the computer screen, but already I want to shout about it.  I think it’s awesome.

Anyway, thank you Carolyn – I’m hoping we can colour the image in lots of interesting ways, just for fun, but the raw image isn’t getting touched!  🙂    Good luck with your project, and have a wonderful 2013.

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