Breathalyser Review

Breathalyser Reading Before a Drink
Breathalyser Reading Before a Drink

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Five Stars

If there’s a possibility of you driving after drinking, grab one of these!

This item arrived in a plain white protective cardboard box. Inside were the breathalyser unit itself, a sensible instruction manual, and five mouthpieces, one already attached. The included mouthpieces are great, so that you can share the unit around hygienically.

I never drive after drinking anything, but I know that some people do, when they believe they are “under the limit”, and there could be circumstances after you’ve had a drink, in an emergency, where you might wonder if you’re fit enough to drive. This unit is for those times.

The unit is very simple to use. Ensure you have a clean mouthguard attached, press the single button to power on the unit, then wait 20 seconds or so for the brightly lit LCD screen to count down from 100. When it hits zero and beeps, take a deep breath and keep blowing through the mouthpiece for a few seconds until you hear the next beep. Note that if there’s no alcohol in your system, it’ll just read 0.00 and not beep, then shut off after 10 seconds. Be sure not to cover the exhaust hole with your hands whilst providing the measurement.

When the unit has beeped, you’ll get a readout of the % blood alcohol content, and a picture of a car, which will have a no entry sign around it if you’re over specified limits. You can change the display from % blood alcohol to mg/L or mg/100ml, but you cannot change the default alert level, so if the legal limit is higher or lower than this (0.05% or .25mg/L or 50mg/100ml), you will need to go on the figure displayed, rather than the car icon.

This is a very simple to use device, and if there’s a possibility of you driving after a drink, get one of these, for everybody else’s sake!

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Thanks to VicTop for providing this item at a discount for review.


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