LIHAO Egg Topper Review

Topping An Egg
Topping An Egg

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Five Stars

Nice little conversation piece that’s functional too!

This item arrived in a plain white protective cardboard box, with the Lihao logo (best gift for you) on a holographic sticker on the front. Inside was the egg topper, in a protective plastic sleeve.

It’s a shame there are no instructions included, because I’ve never seen one of these before, and had to search for how it worked. There are plenty of demonstration videos online though, and it actually looked quite cool.

With practice, it apparently can be used to top raw eggs, rather than cracking them on the side before putting them in a pan or something, but a boiled egg was difficult enough for me. Basically, the idea is, you put the egg in a solid holder, put the cap from the topper over the egg, lift the small ball to the top of the stick, then let it drop to the cap, pushing it through the shell and giving you a neat cut all around the egg. Anyway, that’s the theory, I reckon I’m probably best sticking to smashing the top with a spoon!

As far as the item itself goes though, it’s clearly been very well made, and really looks quite cool and interesting. I’d say it’s high quality, and bears quite a bit of weight.

If using the back of a spoon to crack the top of your egg, and using the side of the spoon to cut off that top, is not to your tastes, then you should definitely get one of these. The same goes if you like a nice, neat straight edge around the top. Even if it’s just for its conversation piece function, or that it looks cool!

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